Born in Bristol and raised in a musical family in Wales where he was brought up on a steady diet of live folk, soul and rock and roll, Silas has been writing music since he started to talk.  Taking full advantage of rural isolation to make as much noise as possible he developed his talents as a fine guitarist and singer songwriter. Armed with a dodgy four track and a recording mic he started to experiment with composing, producing and arranging tracks, and spent the bulk of his teenage years glued to Logic and Protools. Silas has written soundtracks for picture, produced artists, recorded choirs, scored Mario tunes and sampled Manhattan's nightlife.

What People Say

"Working with Silas is great. We sit and chat and have coffee before allowing an idea to develop which we enjoy enough to pursue. It’s a relaxed process, we don’t overthink what we’re doing" - Keir

“I wanted to reach out to mention how well Silas is getting on in his internship with us. He’s a really lovely guy, and has taken to the position perfectly. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. In fact we’ve asked him to stay an additional two weeks to cover my role while I’m away, at the beginning of August” - Rob Ballingall, Nylon Studios


“We decided that we wanted to work with Silas, recording our song ‘Collective’ due to the fact that we knew he could deliver the results and end product that we envisaged. He was an absolute delight to work with, being very professional whilst also maintaining the friendly relationship that we have always had with him. He was a very productive producer, offering useful ideas that could be introduced to the track. This was a key thing that I really enjoyed. The end product was always going to be good and is fantastic. I would love to work with him again.” - Rhydian Evetts, Karma Club (Make Friends)


“Silas is extremely professional and productive in the studio. He has a calming presence and is able to make artists comfortable enough that they can do good takes and I end up with a brilliant record.” - Kerensa Mason

“Working with Silas is one of the most professional experiences I have had in co-writing and producing music. Due to his work ethic, creativity and uplifting attitude the working environment is exceptionally easy be yourself in. His ability to create and innovate ideas in a short amount of time allows for work to be completed at a faster pace and to prove this point we were able to write and produce 3 full songs within 3 nights of work ready to be released. His attitude towards trying new ideas is very helpful as he is willing to listen and take on board opinions.” David Smith